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High Hip A misaligned pelvis (one side higher than the other) is often related to back pain or restriction in movement that affects one side of your body more than the other. - See more at:

High Hip Muscle Imbalance- Can be helped by therapeutic massage plus stretching & strengthening exercises!

Sitting for prolonged periods during the day tend to cause chronic lower back pain. Stretching out the QL daily helps to relieve some of these issues.

Basic Clinical Massage Therapy:

Release the hip flexor muscles: iliopsoas=iliacus and psoas. Help relieve low back pain, hip pain, groin pain. Open the pelvic bowl and abdomen.

fantasy art - ranger

f Ranger Cha 18 Lyonella (who goes by the name Ada when she needs to) separates from her married guardians Raimond and Orane, only to be hunted and pursued by the husband (who is King Tyrell's Royal Commander) and a small portion of his army.