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Ancient Rome Bundle Rise/Fall Christianity Roman Empire 8 Lessons World HistoryUPDATED: 8/11/15 Added Story of Mankind Episode 4 to the bundle. You will be getting 2 different versions and a paragraph sheet. This bundle will include the following activities: THE FIRST SEMESTER OF WORLD HISTORY THE WHOLE YEAR OF WORLD HISTORY 1.

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Would you like to enliven ancient history with a fun, challenging writing project? The Gladiators of the Roman Colosseum RAFT Writing Project contains a RAFT writing project for the social studies classroom. This project may be used as a creative research project or as a summarizing assignment to end a unit of study on the Colosseum or Ancient Rome. **Students are also reminded in the instructions that the writing MUST be school-appropriate! **

Ancient Rome Activity and Note Bundle Common Core Grades 5-8

This Ancient Rome packet has rigor,versatility and fun! CONTENT– The content in the bundle is organized with the key "big idea" Common Core concepts for Social Studies in mind. The concepts covered are: · Economy-How a civilization makes money through the buying and selling of goods and services. · Government /Leadership-How a civilization creates an organized way of leadership. · Social Classes-How a civilization is divided into classes that have different roles, responsibilities and…

Ancient Rome 5 WebQuest Collection-Bundled for Savings from Mrs. Mc's Shop on - - This collection is designed to give students historical background knowledge about Ancient Rome. This includes five WebQuests that are offered in my store separately. $

Ancient Rome Activity Bundle

$ Ancient Rome Activity Bundle includes 8 engaging and interactive activities to go along with your unit on Ancient Rome. It also includes an editable test. Each product in the bundle is available for purchase separately.**This product is a Dropbox download.

Ancient Greece: Greek Alphabet Bell Ringer Activity

This activity is a perfect companion to any Ancient Greece lesson. Students explore the Greek alphabet and then translate their own name into Greek. This assignment makes for a great bell ringer activity. You can extend it by having students use markers or crayons to make their Greek names colorful. The Greek names also make for a nice classroom display.

Greece VS Rome from 6th Grade Craziness on (9 pages) - This is a webquest for students to compare and contrast Greece and Rome. It provides websites to get them started and gives them a choice of end product. It also includes the lesson plans with standards listed. :) Lots of work done for you! :)

Ancient Rome BINGO

Ancient Rome Bingo This is a bingo game for middle school social studies students to review key vocabulary at the end of a unit on ancient Rome. Students fill their card with any words from the list and the teacher calls out the definition. If they know the definition and have the word on their card, they mark it. They love playing and it's a fun way to reinforce topics/vocabulary from the unit.