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~ a knight and his lady ~

~ content is sunlight in an ordered room ~ beauty is lilacs in a crystal vase ~ peace is a maple's rhythmic blowing plume ~ love is your face ~
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Princesses Artist

Princesses Fairies Fantasy

Princess Fantasy

Tales Princesses

Warriors Princesses

Horse Princess

Princess Warrior

Fairytale Princess

Pretty Princess

by Maya O-zen

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Maurice Lalau

Heart Maurice

Medieval Arthurian

Arthurian Legend

Arthurian Art

William Heinemann

Heinemann Maurice


Medieval Fairytale

Maurice Lalau, 'The Romance of Tristram and Iseult' (1909)

Art of Narrative

Mythology Arthurian

Theme Arthurian

Arthurian Cycle

Arthurian Legend

Illustrator Donato

Artist Donato

Fantasy Image

Fantasy Artist

Tartan Family

Donato Giancola, Tristan and Isolde, 2006

Donato Giancola -Tristan and Isolde

Camelot Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Avalon

Arthur S Avalon

King Arthur

Lady Of The Lake Jpg

Lake Lady

The Lady

Knights Saints

Disco Knights


"The Lady of the Lake was the foster-mother of Sir Lancelot and raised him beneath the murky waters of her Lake. She is, however, best known for her presentation to King Arthur of his magical sword Excalibur, through the intervention of the King's druidic advisor, Merlin (Myrddin) who was constantly worried that his monarch would fall in battle."

DEDE PUTRA'S GALLERY: Lady of the Lake

Art Romance Cover

Cover Art

Fairytale Fantasy Like

Fantasy Art

Medieval Fantasy

Lovers Fantasy

Fantasy Passion

Fantasy Knights

Fantasy Writer

US Book cover for 'Charming the Prince' by Teresa Medeiros, created by Lynne Sanders using real-life models painted in pseudo-Victorian style.

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1874 1951

Jc Leyendecker

Leyendecker Illustration

Arthurian Legends Knights

History Arthurian

Pre Raphaelite


Vintage Illustrations

American Illustrations

Bзглянуть в глаза твои... | Joseph Christian Leyendecker. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

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Fantasy Artwork

Fantasy Concept Scifi Art

Dark Artwork

Childrens Illustration

Fantasy Illustration

Call Fantasy

Fantasy Man

Fantasy Warriors

Arthurian Dopplegangers

by Greg Call

Flip Through Cover Galleries for the Readers' Choice Awards

Romance Fantasy

Fantasy Art Couples

Romantic Fantasy

0 Fantasy Couple

Enchantment Fantasy

Art Romance

Knight And Lady

Maiden Knight

Knight Of Cups

Medieval romance, fantasy, art, maiden, knight I love Knights that are Princes that become Kings

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Lancelot Guinevere

Sir Lancelot

Guinevere 2004

Loved Lancelot

Merci Lancelot

Guinevere Google

Arthur And Guinevere

Illustrations Art Arthurian

Styled Illustrations

Lancelot and Guinevere by Donato Giancola

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Rose Chronicles

Chronicles Reviews

Chronicles Crystal

Knights Chivalry

Kings Knights

Knights Tale

Medieval Knights Castles

Medieval Tymes

Kindle Ebooks Historical

AVION - Book One of the Crystal Rose Chronicles by Emma Daniels. $1.19. 248 pages. Author: Emma Daniels

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Jewel Tillotson

David Johnmson

Howard David

Arthurian Legend

Arthurian Romance Art

Arthurian Dopplegangers

Johnmson Contemporary

0 Fantasy Art

Mythical Fantasy

Fantsey Art

The Fairy Tale Art of Howard David Johnmson; Contemporary fairy tale and story book illustrations." from


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"How many have you loved before me?" / "None" / "How many will you love after me?" / "None." -- Tristan and Isolde 2006

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Ever After: a sweet, rather silly Cinderella movie starring Drew Barrymore. Great performance as the wicked stepmother by Anjelica Huston

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Fairytalesandfrills Edward

Edward Burne

Edward Coley

Jones Owain

Owain Departs

For Raphaelite Art

For Raphaelites

Raphaelite Moderns

Raphaelite Women

Edward Burne-Jones, “Owain Departs From Landine”

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Medieval Romance

Medieval Fantasy

Medieval Wedding

Medieval Knight And Lady

Medieval Love Couple

Medieval Scene

Lady Knight

Historical Romance

Historical Clothes

M. - and her knight, T., right before they part. (Eoin Macken and Amy-Joyce Hastings in ‘The Callback Queen’(

OMG! Eoin Macken!

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Huntsman Movielala

Broderick MacDougal - I envision Chris Hemsworth as the perfect Broderick (pictured here with Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman) watch this movie free here:

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Knights Fair

H F Knights

Renaissance Weddings

Renaissance Art

Autumn Knight

Knight S Tail

Dreamtastic Art

Medieval Times

Costumed Horse

Autumn Knight

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Fantasy Art Warrior

Fantasy Warriors

Dragon Fantasy Art

Fantasy Thief

Dark Warriors

Female Warriors

Empire Covers

Vampire Empire

Chris Mcgrath

by Chris McGrath

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Blindekuh Blind

Blind Man S

Adolph Friedrich

Friedrich Erdmann

Menzel Blind

Buff 1867

German Realist

Painter 1815

Artist 1815

Blindekuh, Adolf von Menzel. German

Cave to Canvas, poboh: Blindekuh, Adolf von Menzel. German...

Fountain 2006

Fountain Queen

The Fountain Movie

Fountain Darren

Life Fairytales

Queen Isabella

Live Forever

Books Movies Tv


The Fountain (2006). A triumph of visual design that no other film I've seen has ever surpassed. A true feast for the eyes, as even this simple shot of Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman shows. #TheFountain #RachelWeisz #HughJackman #design #film

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Polyvorefrom Polyvore

Medieval knight and Princess

Knights Fantasy

Knights Lords

Knights Tale

Knights Warriors

Medieval Rail

Medieval Knight

Medieval Women

Medieval Times

Romance Fantasy

Google Image Result for

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Myths Photography

Fairytales Photography

God'S Wedding

Wedding Ideas

Fairytale Handfasting

Lovely Fairytale

Medievalish Images

Fairytale Inspirations

Costume Photoshoot

He could tell she didn't want to go through with this. They only knew each other for a few days before her disappearance. He couldn't stop though. It was his duty to join the kingdoms together. Selene looks beautiful with her hair back like that. He thought, looking behind his bride to be. Why is Selene giving him that face? Then he came to reality. "Oh, I do."

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Arthur S Camelot

King Arthur S

Fantasy Knights

Medieval Fantasy

Evil Medieval

Medieval Beauty

Maiden Romance

Gothic Romance

Man Armour

"Oh, Arthur! You've finished walked the dog, have you?" Guinevere's Temptation by

Guinevere's Temptation by Georgina-Gibson on DeviantArt

Hood Richard

Bbc Richard

Costumes Guy

Robin Hood Costumes

Sister Isabella

Guy'S Sister

Isabella Robin

Sister Irene

Isabella Isabella

Gisbornes sister was sooo irritating, I won't even call her by name lol | Richard Armitage and Laura Pulver in ROBIN HOOD, BBC

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Rose Chronicles

Chronicles Reviews

Chronicles Crystal

Knights Chivalry

Kings Knights

Knights Tale

Medieval Knights Castles

Medieval Tymes

Kindle Ebooks Historical

AVION - Book One of the Crystal Rose Chronicles by Emma Daniels. $1.19. 248 pages. Author: Emma Daniels

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