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~ there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly ~~ (r. buckminster fuller) ~
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Red butterfly and three sunflowers, for Lyla Dove and her sister Mariposa have a happy day

Hummingbird Moth drinking nectar  by Sylvia Lilova

Hummingbird Moth drinking nectar, by Sylvia Lilova. This moth looks like a hummingbird the way it flies and goes from flower to flower.

But he's going to eat your posey and leave you with a slimy, gnawed-off stalk and some snail poop. Take a picture of that.


2 lady birds (lady bugs) meet up.or it could be one ladybird and one man bird(or bug!whatever, they're meeting each other and it's a beautiful experience and a beautiful photo:))


Brahmin moth - (Brahmaea hearseyi) Aliens on Earth: macro pictures of praying mantises and bugs by Igor Siwanowicz

Snout moth (Neolepidoptera: Pyraloidea) by Greg and Marybeth Dimijian

Didn't you think for one minute that I was trying to pull myself into your family life not pull you away from it