In honor of creepypasta

In honor of creepypasta You know, this actually says something. Creepypastas can actually say something and inspire things.

Eyeless Jack + Jeff the Killer = Eyeless Jeff

Eyeless Jack + Jeff the Killer = Eyeless Jeff sounds about right! love you eyeless jeff!

Aww SNAP! by on @deviantART

Jeff the Killer & Sally - Only Creepypasta Fans Know Why He Wears The Sleep Mask :) <<<<<<<<<<< heheh yah

Creepypasta. haha

Only creepypastas that I'm afraid of ar the because I don't know how to protect myself. I annoy Herobrine off my servers, probably annoy Slenderman too. The are nothing if you know how to stay on their good side or weaknesses.

No.... Hell to the no!

NOtp, but hey, look! Jeff + Slendy = CreepyPasta Fandom from FandomStuck!