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    movies 2012

    Movies that I have watched this year so that I can keep track!

    movies 2012

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    One for the Money

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    not that engaging

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    When William spends the last of his money at a charity ball for a date with a royal named Princess Ithaca, little does he know he's bought the real deal -- a magical princess who serves as protector for a plethora of mythical creatures.

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    The Hunger Games

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    The Avengers THE AVENGERS

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    Men in Black 3

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    This musical remake of the infectious 1984 hit finds dance-lovin', big-city kid Ren MacCormack stuck in a small town where dancing is illegal. As he rebels against the town and its influential Rev. Moore, Ren falls for the pastor's lovely daughter.

    Footloose | Netflix

    Five couples find out they're not legally married. Annabel (Marilyn Monroe) hurries to end her marriage to Jeff (David Wayne); the Gladwyns (Fred Allen and Ginger Rogers) host a radio show and use their marriage for ratings; Eve (Zsa Zsa Gabor) is out for her husband's (Louis Calhern) cash; the Woodruffs (Eve Arden and Paul Douglas) are bored with their union; and Willie (Eddie Bracken) must remarry pregnant Patsy (Mitzi Gaynor).

    We're Not Married | Netflix

    Whitwell Middle School in Tennessee is the setting for this documentary about an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education. Struggling to grasp the concept of 6 million Holocaust victims, the students decide to collect 6 million paper clip

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    When a tragic boating accident leaves his wife on life support, an affluent land baron attempts to mend his relationship with his estranged daughters. But he's also trying to decide whether to let go of some valuable family real estate.

    The Descendants | Netflix

    Taken aback when she receives a letter from an old boyfriend announcing that he's just had a baby with his wife, divorced fiction writer Mavis Gary decides to return to her small hometown and reconnect with her former lover.

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    In this comedic fantasy, science has facilitated the search for a soul mate via biotechnological implants that count down to the moment one is supposed to meet his or her match. But Oona (Emma Caulfield) is worried: She's nearly 30, and her TiMER isn't ticking yet. Will her dream guy get snatched up by someone else? John Patrick Amedori co-stars in this film from first-time writer and director Jac Schaeffer.

    Watch TiMER Online | Netflix

    Catch Blue Collar Comedy Tour vets Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy in a hilarious sold-out show, filmed live in 2011. The trio riffs on everything from marriage and family to colonoscopies.

    Watch Them Idiots! Whirled Tour Online | Netflix

    In a near future where aging stops at 25, time is the new currency and the wealthy can live forever. When Will Salas inherits decades of life from a wealthy murdered man, he's pegged as the suspect by the corrupt Time Keepers, who enforce the law.

    In Time | Netflix

    In this adaptation of Benjamin Mee's memoir about buying and saving a run-down zoo, the locale shifts from Britain to southern California. However, the wacky spirit of the original is retained, complete with escaped tigers and a zoo crew of misfits

    We Bought a Zoo | Netflix

    Beloved by millions of children, Elmo is a global icon. However, few people know the soft-spoken man behind the furry red monster: Kevin Clash. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this documentary follows the Clash's remarkable career as a puppeteer.

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    After his family kicks him out for not being scary enough, cute little Sigmund the Sea Monster is taken in by human brothers Johnny and Scott, who hide their new pal in their clubhouse and do their best to keep him a secret from the outside world.

    Sigmund and the Sea Monsters | Netflix

    From the producers of Rob Zombie's "Halloween" and the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake comes this tale of rowdy bikers who find their partying cut short by a malevolent force and a gang of equally rough Rockabilly types who may already be dead.

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    Dirty tricks stand to soil an ambitious young press spokesman's (Ryan Gosling) idealism in a cutthroat presidential campaign where "victory" is relative. The film, directed by George Clooney, is inspired by the real-life experiences of an aide who worked on Howard Dean's failed 2004 run.

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    Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anjelica Huston, Marie Avgeropoulos, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Serge Houde, Andrew Airlie, Matt Frewer, Philip Baker Hall Director: Jonathan Levine Genres: Comedies, Dramas, Independent Movies, Dramas based on real life, Independent Dramas, Independent Comedies This movie is: Emotional, Quirky Availability: DVD and Blu-ray Add to DVD Queue DVD disc returned on 4/18/2012

    50/50 | Netflix

    An all-star cast brings to life the true story of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), a former jock turned general manager who uses unconventional methods to bring the best players to the Oakland A's, a major league baseball team struggling against financial hardship.

    Moneyball | Netflix

    Adam Sandler pulls double duty as family man Jack and his overbearing twin sister, Jill, who settles in over the holidays for an extended stay. Her visit was supposed to be temporary ... but now it feels painfully permanent.

    Jack and Jill | Netflix

    Director Henry Edwards spins The Beatles's concept album into a story populated with 1970s pop stars. Mean Mr. Mustard menaces the happy hamlet of Heartland until pop wunderkind Billy Shears (Peter Frampton) resurrects the villain's musical nemeses -- the titular band -- and brings mirth back to the town. The Bee Gees, George Burns, Steve Martinr and Earth, Wind and Fire also appear in this star-studded film adaptation of an off-Broadway musical.

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    When Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) discovers that his wife (Julianne Moore) wants to end their marriage, he reluctantly faces the unwelcome prospect of single life with the counsel of the younger and smoother super-bachelor Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Meanwhile, Cal's adolescent son, Robbie (Jonah Bobo), has formed an unquenchable crush on his 17-year-old babysitter (Analeigh Tipton) -- but is she more interested in Robbie's recently unwed father?

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