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10 Fun Balloon Games For Kids

Balloon game: two people stand across from each other and hit a balloon into the air. Then you have to run to hit the other person's balloon back into the air before it hits the ground.


Balloon Puppies

Balloon Puppies - super easy and lots of fun! The toddler LOVED them. Of course, 5 minutes in, I popped it, and had to make another one and convince him it was the same one.


DIY Giant Balloon Cannon

DIY Balloon Cannon - a simple, active, and entertaining boredom buster for kids from And Next Comes L


Balloon Squishy Balls

For the child who enjoys tactile experiences... balloon squishy balls! Lame. Hard to get into the balloons and Atticus' hands are not strong enough to squish it. I found it hard myself in fact.