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John F. Ptak
Hendersonville, N.C. (via Wash D.C., Montreal, NYC, Asheville) / Bookseller of rare modern scientific books; 1.6 million word/7,000-image blog on the general history of ideas.
John F. Ptak
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Kaja Ryszard, Stąd do Paryża (Teatr Rozmaitości "Gwitajcie", Szczecin), 2015, Size: B1, #paris

From Here to Paris, Ryszard Kaja, Polish Theater Poster, Original Polish poster designed by Ryszard Kaja. Polish Posters Shop - online shop and gallery with Posters from Poland

So Dies The Dreamer Maybe this is where they came up with the idea for the opening credits of Mad Men...

'So Dies the Dreamer,' c. 1960 is one of two fathers of the Mad Men title sequence (jacket cover design from the book 'So Dies The Dreamer,' along with the 'Vertigo' poster by Saul Bass).

New York was home to some of the nation's leading breweries, including Rheingold.  Most were located in Brooklyn with high concentrations of German. In 1896, in an effort to expand its business, they promoted a miracle cure, Teutonic, which aided nursing mothers & those with insomnia & dyspepsia.  Teutonic was a concentrated liquid extract of malt & hops containing a greater alcohol content than most beers. Their success led to similar tonics being offered by Pabst & Anheuser-Busch.

While name-brand breweries got in on the action by producing their own medicinal tonics, many smaller operations sprung up all over the country. One of the most notable was the Liebmann Breweries franchise.


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