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Communication Strategy Circle application form | Comunitelligence
Communication Leaders Circle - An intimate online peer learning opportunity that will sharpen your thinking and leadership skills.
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How to Use Gamification to Drive Employee Behavior What's the bottom line on gamification, that strange new word creeping into business conversations? Cha-ching ... plenty.
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How to Use Co-creation to Build Employee Voice and Engagement. Communitelligence webinar. Tell me and I may hear. Tell me and let me add my 2-cents and now it’s our decision; I’m all in.
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The Art of Business Storytelling. How to craft and use stories for maximum impact. Led by Jane Praeger and Heather Thomas. Webinar
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Measurement Rules: Getting to the Bottom Line with Communication Metrics Led by: Mark Weiner, author, Unleashing the Power of PR and CEO of PRIME Research Johna Burke, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communication for BurrellesLuce.
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RETHINKING EMAIL: Helping you and your organization outsmart the inbox Led by: David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA and author, You Can’t NOT Communicate Nathan Zeldes, information overload thought leader
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Internal communications measurement: Taking it to the next level Led by Angela Sinickas ABC and Claire Watson ABC, APR
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How to empower your employees to be social brand ambassadors Webinar led by Sharon McIntosh, senior director, employee communications, PepsiCo
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How Sprint trains and empowers employees to be social brand ambassadors Led by Sprint Nextel's Jennifer Sniderman, Group Manager – Employee Communications; Sara Folkerts, Internal Social Media Manager; and Nic Lazowski, Communication Specialist