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3-D printing in STEM education

Medications, customized just for you. Allowing us to innovate in an incredibly complex manner,

5th Graders Utilize 3D Printing to Create Their Own Custom Cities

One of the most inspirational aspects of covering the printing space is the fact that we constantly have the opportunity to promote the use of the technology in schools around the world.


Printing can bring exciting changes to schools across the curriculum, but only if it stays open, accessible, and focused.

The Influence Of Education On The 3D Printing Industry | TechCrunch

A wave of venture investment into new manufacturing startups looks set to transform American manufacturing.

BioDigital Human: Explore the Body in 3D!

BioDigital Human: Explore the Body in

TinkerCad - free, easy-to-learn online app to create and print 3D models

Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-learn online app anyone can use to create and print models. It allows you to place, adjust, and combine shapes that can then be printed using any of the Libraries' printers.

MakerBot Launches Hands-On Learning Guide For 3D Printing In The Classroom

MakerBot Launches Hands-On Learning Guide For Printing In The Classroom. This would be useful to both teachers and all students, both GT and those in need of assistive devices. This could be used for multiple grade levels.