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Bald Eagle in flight

Beautiful Bald Eagle | Nature Board

Animal Photography: Wild Cockatoos by Leila Jeffreys

Portraits of Birds Ruffling with Personality by Leila Jeffreys

Red Lories

Coco The Parrot

Totaly Outdoors: Coco The Parrot

Snowy owl

Black Palm Cockatoo

Totaly Outdoors: Black Palm Cockatoo

Crimson Rosella

Platycercus / Barnardius - Rosellas

Birds of a Feather

Totaly Outdoors: Birds of a Feather

Golden Oriole

parakeets | lineolated parakeets dilute male green hen

Outback Aviaries

Ecuador Proud Parrot

Totaly Outdoors: Ecuador Proud Parrot

Blue-streaked lorikeet via Incredible World on Facebook

Blue-streaked lorikeet via Incredible World on Facebook

Greater Sulfur-Crested Cockatoos


AWESOME BIRDING IN AUSTRALIA! This gorgeous crimson rosella landed at a sanctuary bird feeder! Just double click on the image to pop over to a travel article with more info or enjoy the slideshow of AUSTRALIA at

Wonders of Australia

Scarlet Macaw. the one large macaw that has no feathers on its "leather," the white area around the eyes. And there is NO redder than the scarlet. Would love to have one, as they are gentle, playful, very trainable, and wonderful companion birds.

Scarlet Macaw

For the love of dogs!

Twitter / organicoscar: #amazing #smile #loyalty ...

The Beauty of Hyacinth Macaws

Totaly Outdoors: The Beauty of Hyacinth Macaws

hummingbird by moutaamadami

Yappy by moutaamadani | 500px

A Blue-Bellied Roller

Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker

Beard is the New Black » Northern Flicker Woodpecker