Peter Pan tattoo

30 discreet and utterly magical Disney tattoos

Peter Pan tattoo: this needs to be my next addition. I've talked about a Peter Pan tattoo for too long.

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43 Bangin' (and Beautiful) Tattoos

Tattoo ideas for women who aren't afraid to show off their sexy side. (The spine tattoo says "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

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Aphrodite's son Eros was in charge of making people and the gods fall in love. Eros used a magic bow and arrow to make that happen.


had no choice, I had to protect, defend, calm, and all the bull that goes with the above.J - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

Second star to the right Disney tattoo

Second Star to the Right - Dainty Disney Tattoos That Only True Fans Will Know Are Disney Tattoos - Photos

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mandala thigh tattoo for women - 40 Intricate Mandala Tattoo Designs <3 <3

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The truth about mandala tattoo ideas is about to be revealed. Today, mandala tattoos are made with different styles and colors in order to achieve different

A real Disney key. Used Cinderella's castle and a design I found for the key. PERFECT Disney tattoo! ♥

A real Disney key. I would change the shape of the top of the key to more of a heart shape design, other than that beautiful tattoo

Maleficent tattoo idea

Maleficent tattoo idea, I would have the red watercolor bright green with purple. And no blood drip look, just her eyes glowing.

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The little mermaid and lion king key tattoos Instead of Scar, it would have to be Simba!