Dental Health Freebie! Download here.

Dental Health Activity includes super cute mouth created with mini marshmallows, and green yarn. The writing activity could easily be turned into a persuasive writing about why we should take care of our teeth or a How To take care of our teeth writing.

If I were President...   love this

"If I were president" writing prompt and craft. Cute idea for President's Day, a history lesson on a specific president(s), or a civics lesson on the political system.

Happy and Sad Teeth Collage for Dental Health Month or Community Helpers Unit

Do as a class on the board! Ask what tooth the students think it should go on the healthy/ happy tooth or the sad tooth Happy tooth, Sad tooth collage. Great for Dental Health Month in February, as part of a Healthy Me theme.

Pin and save for later....GROUNDHOG DAY cupcakes and more ideas...

Groundhog Day is Feb. Celebrate with these Groundhog Day Crafts, Activities and Cupcakes

Will The Groundhog See His Shadow? A groundhogs day post complete with mini unit and craft project.

Help your students learn about Punxsutawney Phil and groundhogs with this 82 page groundhog mini unit and craft pack. You can see detailed pictures of the unit

Groundhog Day video clip 2:48 min.

Cute video to show on Groundhog Day! Groundhog Day - video about ground hogs - cute. Well done.