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More like this: decimal, fractions and data collection.

Common Core: Decimals & Fractions Using Models and Manipulatives. Students will explore the relationships between whole numbers, fractions, and decimals numbers using familiar models--money and base-ten blocks. Includes place value mats and workstations cards featuring multiples representations. 11 different student activities. Bingo and I Have/Who Has game. $

The Fraction Connection: A small group activity.... Students choose 2 dominoes and they must use those numbers as their fractions. Then I used it as an adding fractions game but it would also work to compare fractions and subtract.

"I Have, Who Has" fractions on a number line game. Free! CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.A.1 CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.A.2 CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.A.3

Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Graphing, and Data Analysis fun. Use M & Ms or Skittles to complete all the activities in this set of materials. It also includes teacher pages to use for teaching concepts.

Equivalent Fractions Race - Directions: Roll 2 dice and create a proper fraction. If you roll 2 of the same number, roll 1 die again. Now let your partner roll the dice and create his fraction. Once both players have a fraction, you will race to see who can write all of the equivalent fractions first.

Here's a set of 16 "I have, who has?" cards on fraction, decimal, and percent equivalents. Perfect for a center activity and an assessment while the kids are playing. I have also played the "who has" with spellign & vocabulary. You can play again & again!! I will use with 4th grade & 6th grade math interventions. Also find a template & make your own for other areas.

Make math fun with this Fractions Game - includes 24 question cards, an answer key, answer sheet, and game board. Perfect for a math center.

Comparing Fractions Foldable - great way for students to organize information and learn their strategies. Glue into math notebooks or send home as a study guide/homework aid.

Fourth Grade Decimals Activities: Make a Buck

Fractions and decimals - Worksheets & Activities | GreatSchools

Adapted idea from a pin I saw: fraction/decimal egg match. An sponge activity I am starting to incorporate in my classroom.

Activities: Snag a Spoon! A Math Game - Decimals, Fractions, and Percent practice

Decimal of the Day - This pdf file contains everything you need for up to 2 months of decimal review (and even longer if you wish!)

Common Core CCSS 4th Grade Math Labels and Posters-Chevron from The Wise Old Teacher on (51 pages) - Common Core State Standards 4th Grade Math: Posters, large labels with descriptions, and small labels with just names for every 4th grade math standard.

Hungry Caterpillar Common Core Subtraction Centers from Celebrate First Grade on (40 pages)

Division Board Games With Monster Friends from Games 4 Learning on (36 pages)

2D Shape Activity Mats from Collaborative_Classroom on (23 pages) - Activity mats designed to help students recognise, name and create 2D shapes

angles and lines with popsicle sticks