To dream away from the tensions of daily living; to sail over a calm sea at the prow of a ship, toward a horizon that always recedes; to stare at the passing waves and listen to their monotonous soft murmur; to dream away i

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The perfect crest of an ocean wave just before it crashes upon to sea shore.


As it nears you can see it, feel it, and taste it in the air. The arrival starts the cleansing process. Scrubbing all that it touches it's passing leaves nothing but clean and happy. a darker but calmer set of storm clouds.

Andre: "The iconic storm over the ocean - this image is made dynamic by the angle of the clouds and the energizing "imbalance" of the framing of the scene. It's clearly a frozen moment of a tumultuous and tense experience,"

You and I. In the weavings of galloping water, incessant sand, we make the only permanent tenderness. ~Pablo Neruda, "There Where the Waves Shatter"


Photography / nautical / sailboat photography / minimalist / beach house decor / Nautical No.

"If you are in the garden, I will dress myself in leaves. If you are in the sea I will slide into that smooth blue nest, I will talk fish, I will adore salt." - Mary Oliver, Rhapsody via Cinzia

These verses describe one of my favourite corners of the world, Sutherland, which lies on the northwest peak of Scotland.