As soon as Kaitlyn can sit up we should take her picture like this. We have an old suitcase like this. 25 Inspiring and Adorable Baby Photos - We have the vintage suitcase to bring this to life!


Brother For Sale Photo Idea. Perfect for a birth announcement or Christmas Card Idea.Great picture of Travis with his baby brother/sister.

Must have shot...only with a Red Sox hat instead!

I know a couple of little boys that need to take this photo, but of course not with NY Yankees hat. They will need a Braves hat!

Winter walk with my teddy

Letter from Santa, fully personalised letter from Father Christmas to your children. Santa Claus letter to your kids, also for young children

So adorable.

Great photo ideas of babies and toddlers! 6 month photo shoot idea Maternity Photo Shoot in an open field

Some newborn baby photo tips!

At home photo shoot Chesebro, what I would do is try using wither a chair, bed, couch, or even stairs to hold up.

cool DIY photo prop!

Cut the legs off an old chair for babies to sit for cute pictures. Jessica Jill Photography: baby prop chair from garage sale. -- I actually have an old chair with a broken leg I could do this with!

Mother Daughter Picture Ideas

This would be a great idea for a gift starting from birth till senior year. Mother, Daughter pictures growing up

I don't even have words for how cute this is.

a baby wearing cousin eddie's hat from 'christmas vacation' and maverick's shades from 'top gun' sitting in a bucket. these parents should be incarcerated.

Great Idea!

Fall Tutu Set for Baby, Toddler, Girls - Birthday Tutu Skirt - Autumn Glow - Custom Sewn 12" Tutu - sizes Newborn to 5T - Thanksgiving Tutu

Fall Tutu Set for Baby, Toddler, Girls - Birthday Tutu Skirt - Autumn Glow - Custom Sewn Tutu - sizes Newborn to - Thanksgiving Tutu