Vintage Printable Handwritten Recipes

Love the look of handwritten recipes? Hoping to discover old recipes handed down for generations? You're in the right spot! I'll post more of these tiny treasures as I find them...
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cake recipes.

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Sometimes called Kentucky Jam Cake. This recipe seems to date to around the 1930s, influenced by the spice cakes of the Depression, but with ingredients suggesting people had a bit more money (sinc...

Strawberry Jam Cake

Family Recipe Friday - Chicken and Dressing Casserole #genealogy #familyhistory

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War Cake - WWII recipe for cake without dairy and eggs due to rationing

War Cake - WWII recipe » Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake

Do Nothing Cake

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Jill Ness » Lemon Pie Filling

Lemon Pie Filling

An Irish Grandmother's recipe for Dandelion Wine from 1926

My Irish Grandmother's recipe for Dandelion Wine

Commonplace book

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Oatmeal Cookies Farmers

Posts about vintage recipes on Gram's Recipe Box

Appalachian Ancestry Journal: Family Recipe Friday-Hush Puppies

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Vintage Recipe ~ Southern Spoon Bread

April 2013 Archives - Eating Out Loud!

Soda Cracker Pie ~ Definitely a Southern Specialty! :)

Soda Cracker Pie » Butterhorns

Butterhorns | » Coconut Candy

Coconut Candy

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Arkansas Blackberry Cobbler

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Meatballs |

FREE vintage recipe cards to download for scrapbooking, crafts

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Belgian Lukken Cookies

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Jill Ness

Sloppy Joes--so close to my Mother's ( bottle of catsup size I think is 14 oz. )

Family Recipes | Greg's Kitchen

Coffee Cake & Currant Cake Recipes Strong Foundations: Family Recipe Friday - Great Grandmother Scott's Recipe Book

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Great-grandma's recipe for Dill Pickles written in 1937.

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Hot Fudge Sauce

Hot Fudge Sauce