Fractions Are Fun!

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4mula Fun! :): Fractions Are Fun!

It is INCREDIBLE. Seriously has EVERYTHING you need to teach calendar in the most cute and fun way possible!

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Growing Kinders: It’s Calendar Time!

Morning Activity at the beginning of the school year

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Welcome to Room 36!: pirates and first day of school

Free color by number pages for addition facts within 20

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Kindergarten Lifestyle: Spring Color by Number

The very hungry caterpillar visits our room!

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Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker -- A book about the importance of listening. A definite read during the first week of school :)

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Books That Heal Kids: listening skills

classroom timeline. It helps students remember events throughout the year.

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This site has GREAT literacy center activities -- just print them out, laminate, and add to your classroom.

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This game is VERY simple but powerful for the kids because it helps them to make those connections that 5 pennies = 1 nickel, 2 nickels = 1 dime, etc...

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mrs. prince & co.: The Trading Game: Money Style

This is the neatest thing I've seen in awhile! Lesson on how different types of rocks are formed using crayons.

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Momma Owl's Lab: Crayon Rocks

tabletop biosphere from Make magazine.

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Make Labs' Biosphere & More!

The Letter Box: cut out letters from food boxes before recycling them. WORD WORK

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Bass Pro Shop isn't just for fishermen! Worms are great learning tools!...No Way! Cool!!

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Students can't interrupt reading groups when the light is on.

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What we have been working on!

Once you have established your routine for the Daily 5 (or Daily 3) your students can begin to manage their own rotation choices. Students keep thi...

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Daily 5 (or 3) Student Checklist

behavior board. When students do something good, pull out a stick with a number on it (1-100). When 10 numbers in a row are colored in, students get a party!

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Stories from Room 114: Good times

This is one of my now-favorite sites for Writer's Workshop ideas! Mini lessons, genre units (complete with publication and celebration!!), writer's notebook setup (binderized!), and more! Uh-mazing!

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Shake shake shake your CVC words!

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Kindergarten Rocks!: SHAKE OF THE DAY!

Back to School! Lots of ideas!

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Back to School!

Oh My goodness! Everything you would need to set up centers/stations for a classroom, including the task cards and directions. Literacy Work Stations / Centers FREEBIE.

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Crayons in a glue gun...Shut the front door!!! ...also has other cool links on this page...Great DIY projects!

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Science Journal ideas for nearly every topic

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Science Notebooking

beginning of the year forms

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The First Grade Parade: Meet The Teacher Ideas & Downloads

Do you need to spice up your weather time during morning meeting

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book ideas to kick off readers workshop

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