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techniques, tips and process - pottery

How to make a Clay Extruder Caulk Gun Adapter Disk

johnson tsang very detailed photograph tutorial process technique tips dragon curl sculpture altered plate splash liquid drops

johnson tsang very detailed photograph tutorial process technique tips dragon twist strangle curl sculpture altered vase

Paddling a Thrown Bottle and Cup - (Good collaring tip: use finger INSIDE to compress clay as you collar)

A Wheel Table: Setting Up Your Pottery Studio - A Love Affair With Clay | A Love Affair With Clay

Pottery Video: How to Make a Cut Tile Mosaic

How much does it cost you to fire your kiln? A great break down of how to to figure it out by @Liz Mester Crain Ceramics

domed mold for throwing plate, no trimming, foot in place

Aftosa - Wax Resist - Potter's Pen, $8.50 (

▶ Pottery - Throwing on Tar Paper Bats - especially great for large platters or delicate forms. avoid having to cut under a platter and having the wire rise up in the middle. pottery ceramics clay

EXCELLENT throwing tool: Simple, useful, cheap and easy to make. great way to open pots with a consistent thickness at the bottom. No more guessing how thick it is. WOW. pottery tool technique tip ceramics clay DIY

  • Pam Hall

    Great tool, what a wonderful and inexpensive idea

  • Andrew

    I made mine and can't wait to try it out!

Dog Bowl....great technique where he lays it out flat and then brings it all in and up! I think I'll try rolling out big slab and cutting it into a circle right on the wheel. pottery ceramics clay tutorial demonstration tip video

Dan Finnegan - Studio Pottery: A Little Handle Tutorial

Glynnis Lessing Blog- Tutorial on how to make a slab built plate with Kip O’Krongly

Little tip for cutter organization. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

Clay Stamp Star Flower Jasmine Shape Pattern Texture Shape Tool for Clay Ceramics Pottery Metal Clay Fondant Cookies. $12.95, via Etsy.

hand roller stamp curls pottery ceramics clay

How to throw multiple bowls that are 'alike' on the potter's wheel (mass producing). inexact measurements, use trimming tool as a size guide

John Bauman: pumpkin platter teapot video tutorial technique demonstration pottery ceramics clay

John Bauman: pumpkin platter process technique

jabbur demonstration of handles. Excellent points on fine tuning, great video

Make your own wheel bats! Measure and mark out for pottery wheel bats' circumferences and pin openings on the particle board.