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New Open Office Designs

Increasingly we are asked by clients to share our thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of private offices vs open office designs. As work processes and preferences change we think it is important to share images and descriptions of the Open Office Trend. For more information please contact us; Jim Gray and Nahz Anvary, Commercial Brokers at (916) 375-1500 or or
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from The Atlantic

America at Work: Your Photos

America at Work: From Atlantic monthly...Kayak Office in Concord, MA


America at Work: Your Photos

from Inhabitat

Google employees in Zurich (Zooglers) have the world's coolest repurposed office

Google's Cocoon space in Zurich Switzerland.


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Russell Investments’ new home has saved the company money. The 1,000 employees used to occupy a 16-story building. Now, they’re folded into just five floors.


Open Doors, From Open Minds - Slide Show -

At Russell Investments, the chief executive occupies an ordinary desk in a row. In NBBJ’s office, there aren’t any private offices, either.


Log In - The New York Times

from Inhabitat

Workspace of the Future: Cambridge's Creative Exchange

Hip new office offices are incorporating more common work areas with lots of meeting spaces, couches and coffee tables for impromptu discussions, and plenty of power outlets for laptops. These spaces are thought to encourage creative types and designers, who need lots of space for their ideas and collaboration, and with telecommuters often working from home and only needing to come to work for meetings, there is really less need for individual offices that take up valuable real estate and…


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The offices, set up in a variety of ways but emphasizing open space and the ability to rent a single desk, are also known as co-working spaces. Such offices have long been popular with technology start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area looking for cheap space, but as the latest tech wave rises, shared workspaces are popping up in cities around the country.


PBT Consulting: Offices, Virtual Offices and Shared Workspaces


Our Workplace: How Three Companies Innovate

At the Google offices in Mountain View, Calif., a group of employees gathered in a conference room overlooking other office space. Google provides resources — infrastructure, money, time and people — but most important, a vision that tests most entrepreneurs to think bigger than they ever have before. We believe in big bets, and in high-risk and high-reward projects such as driverless cars and Android. By encouraging people to think bigger, we often achieve far more than what we initially…


How Three Companies Innovate

The Smart Workplace 2030


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When you work solo it can feel isolating. Sometimes you need a place to connect with other people, collaborate, and simply have some non-digital social interaction.


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When I wrote this, I was working in a big open office space in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam (see photo). About 100 people work in an office that was the first of its kind in Europe, when it was built in 1929. And more than 80 years later, architecture lovers from all over the world still come to admire it, take pictures, and make drawings.


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