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My Quilt Art on ETSY

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Embroidered and beaded small art quilts which are framed. Some of these are available for sale in my FabriArts ETSY store

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Quilted Framed Fibre Art, Starflower Textured Quilted Art, Textured Fiber Art Quilt, Flower Quilt, Framed Quilt, Handmade Embroidered Art

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Little leaf quilt. Hand embroidered and beaded. Background fabric was painted by leaf rubbing with Shiva paintsticks.

Oak leaf little quilt. Hand embroidered and beaded, on a hand painted background fabric.

Quilted, Framed Fibre Art, Autumn Leaf Quilted Picture, Framed Leaf Quilt, Textured Fiber Art, Embroidered Quilt Art, Applique Quilt Art

Closeup photo of my "Batik Beauty" quilt, distorted, printed on fabric then quilted, beaded and framed.

Photo from the Hubble Space Telescope. Distorted, printed on fabric, quilted, beaded and framed.

Original photo, by Nadia Messenger, of a gloriously read maple tree in the fall, over the Moon River in Bala. Distorted, printed on fabric, beaded, quilted and framed.