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The Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Top 10 Nursing Shoes for Women - A list of some of the most comfortable, popular, and all around best shoes for nurses

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Nurse Nightingale: Respiratory Acidosis Study Guide. Causes, Symptoms, and treatments of respiratory acidosis. #abg #nursingschool #labvalues

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Easy way to remember metabolic/respiratory alkalosis/acidosis! Every student needs to find the trick that works specifically for them to remember key information such as this. DLW

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Cushing's Triad vs Shock - Nursing Guide

Cushing’s triad (Hypertension, bradycardia and irregular respirations) is one of the classic sign for elevated intracranial pressure. Hypertension is due to maintain cerebral perfusion pressure (Cerebral perfusion pressure = Mean arterial pressure – Intracranial pressure), when ICP increases cerebral perfusion must somehow maintained above 50 mm Hg). Bradycardia is a reflex response to hypertension and …

myocardial infarction treatment | myocardial infarction treatment nursing mnemonic | in order of importance!

50 Nursing Mnemonics and Acronyms:

13 Life-Changing Apps Every Nurse Needs To Know About ​

I chose this pin to educate myself on the various uses for an IV. An IV seems like a common occurrence in the hospital setting. The more I understand the better I can transform this information for parents and children

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