Generally, people think of composting as requiring a designated compost pile. Trench compost piles become their own productive garden plots in just a few months. This reduces the need to disrupt healthy soil micro-ecosystems by digging up and transporting compost from the compost pile to the garden.

5 Excellent DIY Composting Methods For Endless Rich Organic Fertilizer

Raised Bed Gardening

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The most powerful natural antibiotic. Kills any infection in the body -

The most powerful natural antibiotic. Kills any infection in the body -

Do your tomato plants grow huge and out of control each year? Do they flop over, get taken over by disease or overwhelm parts of your garden? Do you want bigger tomatoes earlier in the season? If you answered yes to any of these questions then pruning your tomatoes should be on your garden task list this season.

How to Prune Your Tomato Plants - Creative Vegetable Gardener

On guide pratique pour la culture verticale !

Vertical Gardening

Here are 10 vegetables and herbs you can buy once and regrow forever. - Imgur

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Creating good garden soil is crucial if you want a robust vegetable garden. Mulch, compost, and manure are all key elements.

Build Good Garden Soil with Mulch - Attainable Sustainable

Underground Self Watering Recycled Bottle System - "Potted Vegetable Garden Lif...

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You don't need a big vineyard to grow grapes, you can do this even on your balcony in a pot. Growing grapes in containers is not very complicated though it requires slight care and maintenance. Check out!

Growing Grapes in Containers | How to Grow Grape Vine in Small Spaces

6 Amazing Ways to Use Cinnamon in Your Garden

tomatoes and their need for water, gardening, May 28th 2012

Tomatoes and their need for water

Creative Ideas - How To Grow Tomato Seedlings The Easiest Way

13 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again

Tomatoes are a staple for most gardeners and for the most part, they're pretty easy to grow. But knowing this trick for planting tomatoes will give them a very solid start in your vegetable garden.

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Strawberries are a favorite in the garden. To grow your best strawberries, use herbs like comfrey and chives to fertilize and deter pests.

Grow Chives for the Best Strawberries

why haven't I heard of these things?? So good to know for my tomatoes

3 things you need to know about growing tomatoes that nobody ever tells you

TerraTrellis color story. Grow your climbers up in contrasting colors.

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Cool idea for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc. Plant in pots high near overhang then have plant grow over wiring

12 underbara hängande trädgårdar!

Fertilizing Peppers for Maximum Yield

Fertilizing Peppers for Maximum Yield

How to Grow Tabasco Pepper | Guide to Growing Tabasco Peppers

How to Grow Tabasco Pepper | Guide to Growing Tabasco Peppers

tips for growing hot peppers

Growing Hot Peppers in Your Garden

Lots of ideas of where & how to do some herbs. @Teri Smith raveandreview-hanging-herbs-garden

Potted Herb Garden Ideas

"Growing San Marzano tomato plants is a great way to get the most out of your garden. Producing an endless supply of tasty tomatoes, this is one variety you won't want to miss!"

Growing San Marzano Tomato Plants

Learn how to make a salad garden. You don’t need a lot of space or a regular garden. If you only have a patio or balcony and a few containers, you can still do this. When you think of salads: lettuce, arugula, carrots, radishes, peppers, tomatoes and spinach are the ones that come to mind.

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How to Grow Potatoes ~ Homegrown spuds are the best!

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How to store vegetables for the winter

How to Store Vegetables