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160+ Free Electronics Mini Projects Circuits for Engineering Students

DIY Infrared transmitter for iPhone, iPod #arduino ~~~ For more cool Arduino stuff check out

DIY Infrared Transmitter for IPhone, IPod

Make a customer LED infrared for your iPhone! Using this to control the shutter on my Canon

This low cost water level controller circuit when built and installed will very efficiently control the level of water inside any water tank to which it’s attached. Thus it can help in saving electricity and water, as well as relieving you from the headache of manually switching the water pump motor.

This low cost water level controller circuit when built and installed will very…

Top 10 Computer Tricks Every Geek Should Know

Top 10 Computer Tricks Every Geek Should Know

We’ve talked before about the things every computer user should know how to do, but we geeks are special: we want to go above and beyond, to explore every nook and cranny of our system and make everything easier. Here are ten ways to do just that.

Hello friendsToday I am back with another project called $1 AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER.It’s an automatic switching circuit that used to control an AC water pump. Operation of this circuit is simple.wen the water level goes below the limit the lower level sensor will detect it and activate the water pump.wen the water level reaches the upper limit the upper limit sensor detect it and switch of the water pump.


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10+ Design & Simulation Tools for Electrical/Electronics Engineers Online

Online Schematic & Circuit simulation tools for Electrical/Electronics Engineers & Students. Online Circuit maker and designer tools for Electrical Engineer

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A free energy collector circuit helps to convert surrounding radio frequency waves to electric power and can provide 40 watts to 10 watts i.

Bipolar Transistor

Electronics Tutorial about the Bipolar Transistor also called the Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT including the Transistor Types and Construction

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