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asami1130さんの、輸入住宅,ゆっぽん,犬の服手作り,ミニチュアダックス,ブライワックス ジャコビアン,腰板,DIY,雑貨,タグ作り,わんこと暮らす家,男前,ステンシル,ワイヤーバスケット,無垢の床,セリア,鉢植えスタンド,ハンドメイド,いいね

asami1130さんの、輸入住宅,ゆっぽん,犬の服手作り,ミニチュアダックス,ブライワックス ジャコビアン,腰板,DIY,雑貨,タグ作り,わんこと暮らす家,男前,ステンシル,ワイヤーバスケット,無垢の床,セリア,鉢植えスタンド,ハンドメイド,いいね

Home Decor Eclectic Kitchen. キッチンのインテリアコーディネイト実例

Vibrant aqua paired with red, dark wood and hammered pendant lights makes a bold statement in this Port Melbourne kitchen designed by Camilla Molders. The large windows let in a flood of light from the gardens and beckon you to carry your meal outdoors.

PS: How did your time in Italy influence your style? JB: I think that living abroad takes you out of your comfort zone. You learn to observe a lot and really listen. Since everything is so new and so different, being somewhere foreign for such a long period of time shifts your whole worldview and paradigm. Italy specifically taught me a lot about quality craftsmanship and about taking pride in the details. Aesthetics is such an integral part of the Italian culture. So much about everyday…

Check Out 41 Colorful Boho Chic Kitchen Design Ideas. Bohemian style means color! Color and patterns that sometimes interweave so that they remind works of art.

Bom dia pessoas queridas!  Vocês estão bem? Espero que sim!  O dia aqui está lindo, muito sol, muito calor, os passarinhos cantam, as flore...

Beautifully painted cabinet in a Boho Gypsy style using Turquoise, Yellow and Orange-Red as the main feature colours. I love furniture like this. - Interior Homes

I love this design especially because of the flooring, the built-in table and bench, the vertical storage for cutting boards, etc near the stove, and the green and yellow color scheme.

Our inspiration for our kitchen design comes from Kitchen Advertisement photos. we really love the retro look with modern elements mixed in. Photo thanks to Oh So Lovely Vintage: Christmas colors! more-finalized-kitchen-ideas