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Media | Skyforge - Become А God in this AAA Fantasy Sci-fi MMORPG

Skyforge is a highly-stylized MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat inspired by console action games, where players could become mighty Gods.

Aeoleonian Cow Thief by LDN-RDNT

My entry for the Helpful Bear Creature Contest Feb which is ending in a few hours . ZBrush and Photoshop Aeoleonian Cow Thief

ArtStation - Safaan, Tam Nguyen

Safaan is the big Creature of a sulfur planet. It lives on the plain with it community. Safaan is one of the creatures on the top of food tree. It has a weird pores system on the body, When it actives, the body will create sulfur sweat, the sweat become

ArtStation - Heroes - Ancient Civilization Charater Designs, Jason Nguyen

Here are the pieces I did for the Ancient Civilizations Character Design contest hosted by Artstation. Unfortunately I ran out of time and only managed to get 5 out of the 10 finished but I do plan on doing the rest on my spare time.