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As life goes on we do our best to face each day with hope, hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day filled with love, joy and happiness. We sometimes make decisions that not always are understand, especially by those that we hold dear to our hearts. Just remember, with each passing day we must do what is best for each one of us. Some will not understand, but true friends will accept our decisions and the direction in which we follow. Just a thought.......
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I feel as though sometimes people just need a little reminder when stress starts. This quote is good because it reminds you that everything works out, and even if it doesn't today everything happens for a reason. Stop stressing and move on, you can do it.

I'm a straight and passionate woman who loves and appreciates nature, animals, positive quotes, sexy lingerie, beautiful bodies... anything that makes me happy is what you'll see here. Some images are NOT suitable for work. The pictures shown are not...

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