Thank you President Trump. You have a ton of work to do, you get the Federal Government back to where We The American People feel any Trust or Faith in the Government and all it's Agencies! God Bless You in this Journey

You aren't protesters you're a public nuisance. The police should be knocking you all down with fire hoses and clubbing you the moment you block public streets and highways.


* 。・゚゚・ αѕιмρℓє∂σиυт ・゚゚・。 was obama a groper? was obama racist? was obama sexist? was obama homophobic? WAS OBAMA STUPID?

Trump refuses to take his Presidential salary, wants to make it easier for companies to create jobs,LOVES AMERICA and wants to keep it and its citizens SAFE.


Except that the Electoral College, designed to protect slave states, superceded the popular vote.

Thank you Sovereign Americans who helped save our great Country! Do not be deceived by the evil corrupted controlled media still spewing that Killary won with dead, illegals, rigged election boxes, and felons. You know the TRUTH!