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classroom ideas-

Apples and Handwashing: We put a clean apple slice in one jar. We passed another apple slice around the class as we came in from recess with dirty hands. We have been observing the two jars in the science center. This is the difference after 8 days - gross! Great way to teach about germs and the IMPORTANCE of hand washing!

At the beginning of every year, I ask each child to bring in a framed photo of their family. Over the years I have witnessed children holding, kissing and talking to their family photos emphasizing how important this little piece of home is to children who have just started school.

kindergarten checklist - I remember when kindergarten TAUGHT me these things - they didn't expect me to know them before I even got there!

I love this for my 4-year old who's fascinated by the changing moon. Montessori-Inspired Moon Unit

Great idea for tracking behavior on a weekly basis and then referring back when grading or having to contact parents.

Teaching how to hold pencil: cut two holes in an old sock for the index finger and thumb. The other fingers remain in the sock. Genius!!

While this is a Cub Scout project . . . I've used it with a variety of children. It's construction, launching mechanics, prediction and fun rolled into one gadget!

She is a teacher and has SO MANY adaptation ideas to help with classroom needs in special education or gen ed too.

How to Make Simple Sit-upons using vinyl tablecloths. You SIT UPON them so your bottom doesn’t get dirty or wet from the bare ground.

make a constellation book using a hole punch

TEACHING YOUR CHILD, YOUR TEEN OR YOURSELF TO SEW - CURRICULUM. I have had so many people ask me to teach their kids to sew. This might be a nice starting board.

This is a one page document that can be used as part of a math journal. Teachers can choose a different number each day (or use the number of d...

Use toilet paper rolls to start your plants. When ready to plant, stick the whole roll in the ground. Roll will decompose.

Vocabulary journal-we are so doing this next year

Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions...genius! Why didn't someone teach me this way?

Mommy Maestra: Día de los Muertos Lesson Plans and Activities

Why didn't I think of this? Genius way to teach your kid to tell time

Start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture!