Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Atlanta, GA  ·  A daily online news site covering juvenile justice for a national audience with a focus on SE U.S. For people interested in children and the law. Youth matter.
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
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Youth Voter Turnout & Vote Choice in Battleground States

An infographic highlighting the beginnings of the STEM focus in America, the decline in STEM interest, and its recent resurgence as we strive for global competitive advantage through mastery of STEM research and education.

“The report, which was published by the British medical journal The Lancet, finds that nearly 30% of American’s from the ages 13-15 have reported binge drinking within the past thirty days.”     www.recoveryconnection.com #teens #drinking #alcohol #addiction

This articles discusses whether drinking is healthy or legal. It also debates popular questions such as at what age should the person be allowed to drink alcohol? Should it be 18 or

The Insane Economics Of Not Legalizing Marijuana In One Handy Infographic There’s a lot of green in green. This infographic shows just how much money is falling through the cracks, and how much we’re spending to keep it underground.

America’s pill-popping capital. Welcome to Kermit, W.Va. -- ground zero of the prescription drug epidemic    #prescriptionpills #drugs #addiction #opiates

America’s pill-popping capital Welcome to Kermit, W. -- ground zero of the prescription drug epidemic

New research shows that schizophrenia is not a single disease, but a group of eight distinct disorders, each caused by changes in clusters of genes that lead to different sets of symptoms.

Drug Use in Today's Classroom #infographic #drugs #youth #addiction #teens

Drug Use In Today's Classroom: A great infographic using data from a National Institute on Drug abuse funded a study of drug trends in schools.

Annual cost of addictions... #infographic #drugs #alcohol #marijuana

Addiction can be costly thing. This infographic provides information for the annual cost of addiction of different types of drugs and food. work-related-information

Addiction Recovery, Akron Zips, Freedom Fighters, Oprah Winfrey, Drugs, Read More, Civil Rights, Obama, Politicians

Circle of 6 won the White House "Apps Against Abuse" technology challenge last November. Released in March by The Line Campaign, the app marries social networking with sexual assault prevention.

Sharp Decline in Child Deaths From Unintentional Injury, CDC Finds