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Jillian O'Connor

Jillian O'Connor
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*slow clap for the Harry Potter fandom*

*slow clap for the Harry Potter fandom* <----- the Harry Potter fandom? every fandom is part of that fandom. if you're not a potterhead, you're not in any other fandom! Harry Potter is the basic fandom, and most people's first *coughs* me *coughs*

True story

It is exceptionally very common that the majority of the people has stomach disorders including stomach ache and heartburn. The heartburn can be improved without any medical treatment within 48 hours. The toxin, bacterial and

Inspiring quotes from Disney films: http://di.sn/t7C

Which Disney Cat Are You? You got: Mufasa You’re the truest of leaders and are admired by those around you—well.most of them (we’re looking at you, Scar). You lead your pride with wisdom, dignity, and respect.