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American Made

Proof that, when it puts its collective mind to it, Americans can dream, design and build the best products in the World! This is a taste of our little collection of Americana.

American Made

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Here's a BEFORE pic of our new (old) Ice Cream Parlor booth circa 1920 from the Lehigh Valley of PA. Beautiful mahogany construction with brass accents and even some 50+ year old gum stuck under the table!

We recently added this gorgeous 1906 "Calculating Candy Scale" from the Dayton Scale Company to the collection. The intricate gold details and candy apple red paint job add to the eye appeal of this beautiful scale.

Our new 1913 Cretors Model #1 Popcorn and Peanut Wagon. This original BEAUTY runs completely on a 120-year-old working steam engine, which is just entrancing to watch (YouTube video coming!). This wagon was proudly produced by the C. Cretors company in Chigago, which remains one of the biggest names in commercial poppers today.

Our 1890's Ice Cream Parlor back bar. This monster stands well over 12 ft. tall at the bonnet, features genuine onyx inlays and is made of solid mahogany. Absolutely perfect piece of Americana and the centerpiece of our collection. Originally from a parlor in Brunswick, GA.

One of Daddy's mid-life toys! A 2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe. Don't get to ride much these days but I almost get as much pleasure out of just sittin' in the garage polishing up the chrome. A real piece of art!

  • Sandra Gourlie Tobian
    Sandra Gourlie Tobian

    I have that bike too...Love it!! Im going to try the black bags for a different look. I have white hard bags which I love too. Gonna mix it up a bit:)

  • Teri Propst
    Teri Propst

    just got myself one!!! Definately lovin' it!!!!!

We got this 36" monster 1940's Coke button sign from the now closed Coca Cola Bottling Plant in Longmont, TX. The gentlemen who sold it to us was part of the family who owned the plant from its inception, and made sure he grabbed this big boy off the wall before the building closed for the last time. It's always nice to find a piece with such a great personal story.

Another classic juke from Wurlitzer, this one is the 1100 model, produced in 1947. Nicknamed "The Bomber" because of its unique shape, this beauty was loaded with eye-candy! Lots of great deco chrome, rotating colored cylinders and ornately painted murals kept you mezmorized as you listed to one of 24 of your favorite tunes! 3 plays for 25 cents, by the way.

This small but beefy (80 pound) beauty from National Cash Register is the 313 Candy store model, introduced in 1911. Its ornate brass and nickel carvings and finish make it one of the most desirable of the early registers.

The classic Vendo 81-D Coca-Cola Machine. This 1957 classic is the quinticential machine for "Coke heads" and allowed the vendor to keep 81 bottles of ice-cold Coke ice-cold and ready for your refreshment!

Choosing a 1950s Classic Soda Machine to Restore

circa 1905, this Edsion "Fireside Model A" phonograph, had a unique could switch between standard 2 minute cylinders and the newfangled 4 minute cylinders! Proudly manufactured at the Edison factory at my birthplace, West Orange, New Jersey.

The classic Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox, built in 1946 and '47 in North Towanda, New York.