Brown ink Tattoo

Brown ink Tattoo with features of henna painting of flowers on the back and side of the body. a wonderful art form made permanent! I like the idea of brown ink on fair skin. Actually, tan skin would take it well too. Different demensions of brown!

love this placement!

I will fear no evil for Thou art with me tattoo. I kinda like the idea of having just the first part, "I will fear no evil.

holy crap! <3

Pretty style, not the same old cherry blossoms which is nice Gene Coffey - Blossom Half Sleeve Color Tattoo

Red flowers tattoo

Not really into arm tattoos personally, but love the design. Could see this being a really lovely rib tattoo.


Ok so I'm a semi-good girl with tattoos. But I'm really trying to get to the good girl in me ❤️


Love this quote. I plead to change my life just before I dream and wake to realize the change is inside me. I like the script too

Im really digging the water colors!

An Amazing Tattoo Artist – Peter Aurisch - if I ever wanted to get a tattoo, I would want this guy to do it.

Vines And Paisley Tattoo Hawaii Dermatology Pictures

Henna Mehndi Paisley Flowers and Vines Doodle Vector Design — Stock Vector