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Ιπποτες-Πειρατες-Βρυκολακες κ.α.

Ιπποτες-Πειρατες-Βρυκολακες κ.α.
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Gorgons were three, and they were sisters - Medusa, Euryale and Stheno, and they were beautiful, and the last two were also immortal. Poseidon once seduced Medusa (or she did) in the temple of Athe...



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Malefic Time. Apocalypse

I like this image, it is almost like a dark take on Calvin and Hobbes. I do feel that the illustration could use more detail in the form of textures though. The fur on the bear has good form but it is largely lacking detail. Where the detail is present it looks too stringy and thin. The same goes for the carpet that they're standing on, it seems to be lacking most detail or consideration. I think thought was put into all the details but it just wasn't completely executed.

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Galerie Dead Moon Epilogue

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