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5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman--- hahaha...They're onto us...

5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman

can dorothy click her heals and get to the beach and the hell with Kansas

The Uptown Acorn: Click, click!

I love me some wine!

Hahaha love. So true.

Spray the Bitch Away --- An aromatherapy spray/ perfume for when you're irritated, pissed off, annoyed, tired, peeved, frustrated, enraged, or have an overall bad attitude! Spray generously in your environs and breathe in mist. Spray near co-workers, friends, and relatives as needed.

  • Nessa Hill
    Nessa Hill

    I know a cubi we could try it on...

  • Shannon Costa
    Shannon Costa

    Make this immediately

  • Tanya R.
    Tanya R.

    Catherine Hoy

OG I FIND MYSELF LOOKING FOR THIS WHEN I SEND A RASH TEXT >.>" "<.< {Funny Picture Dump Of The Day - 45 Pics}

Life is all about Ass

Ha! So true...

Haha so true

How are you feeling this morning

It's the best way...

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this made me laugh so hard.... :)

Yeah I laughed out loud for real!

I can't...I just can't.

I'm a grown up :-(. It's over rated!

Ugh.. So mine isn't the only one.

How true!

We all have those days.

True story!

Where can I get one of these?

Or a piece of chocolate in each hand!

Funny but true!!

There are days I wish I got this message.