C.P. Company google Jacket, first edition made for 1000miglia race, 1988. #1000miglia #millemiglia

Iconic Casuals, C. Company Mille Miglia goggle jacket, first edition made to commemorate the 1000 mile Mille Miglia race

Goggles/reflective nylon/pockets/breast pockets/removable hood/garment-dyed

Goggles/reflective nylon/pockets/breast pockets/removable hood/garment-dyed

Goggles/garment-dyed Japanese microfibre/drawstring hood/drawstring bottom/two side pockets/closed with central zip

Jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, accessories and iconic Goggle hood for style and performance.

Reflective nylon/pocket/closure with C.P. Company personalised buttons/ front buttoned pockets/cuffs with three C.P. Company personalised buttons.

Reflective nylon/pocket/closure with C. Company personalised buttons/ front buttoned pockets/cuffs with three C.

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Goggles/reflective nylon/drawstring waist and pull-tab hidden in left pocket/hood can be folded externally with Goggles camouflaged in the inner structure/Saharan inspired pockets, iconic of the first Goggle jacket model/

Microfibra Giappionese | CP Company

Japanese polyester microfiber and star section nylon Jacket, pressure dyed with…