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Bipolar information

Bipolar information

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Do you have bipolar disorder AND anxiety? Here are some great self-help tips on how to handle anxiety in bipolar disorder from our bipolar blogger, Natasha Tracy. Add your tips or comments below.

Tips on Coping with Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder

Having a bipolar family member brings a lot of challenges. Get insights and advice on caring for and supporting a person with bipolar in the family.

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Is It Bipolar Disorder or ADHD?

#Bipolar Disorder #Infographic

Ketamine for Bipolar Depression Treatment

Bipolar Blog: Natasha’s Coping Skill: Thought-Boxing | Thought-boxing is a way of controlling the depressing thoughts of bipolar disorder. It's a coping skill that can be useful. Click to learn more about it.

Bipolar mood cycling for Bipolar Types I & II and Cyclothymia

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#Bipolar #Infographic - A study confirms that scientists could have found a bipolar #depression treatment in a drug called #ketamine

#Bipolar Disorder #Infographic

Dr. David Sack on Bipolar Disorder

Stephen Fry's documentary on bipolar disorder.

What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?: Tricks To Getting Compliance From Defiant Children

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More children are being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Learn why this may be happening and how the symptoms of this disorder differ in bipolar children and teenagers compared with adults

The newest version of the DSM-5, the manual used to diagnose mental disorders, will have a big impact on children with bipolar disorder. Find out how.

A new study finds that bipolar disorder is highly undertreated. From spending sprees to increased sex drive, learn some less-well known signs of mania in bipolar disorder.

4 Surprising Signs of Bipolar Disorder

What you say to a loved one with bipolar disorder can help or hurt. Learn the best and worst things a caregiver can say to someone living with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Help Guide

Bipolar Disorder -

famous faces of depression

Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents at National Network of Depression Centers - GOOD DISCRIPTION OF SYMPTOMS AT SCHOOL AND HOME