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How to Fill Your Bucket - Video based on Bucket Fill-Osophy

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Tootling- the opposite of tattling. Tootling is when students write a positive note about their classmates or teacher and stick it up on our tootling board. They love doing it, and it helps promote a cohesive classroom community! {No link, but what a fun idea!!!}

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Lisa Landy

Negative words, behaviors and actions were written on heavy rocks and then added to a bucket that a child was holding to show the effects of how negative words and actions can weigh you down.

The Handy School Counselor: It's Bucket Filling Time!

Classroom display "fill your bucket" - after Community of Caring kick-off lesson...

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Lisa Landy

-that's us! we are Prep Bucket fillers every day!

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Bucketfilling Video

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Draw a happy face on a plastic sand bucket for a fun Bucket Filler visual!

The Corner On Character: Saturday Songs 3 & 3 Winners!

Bucketfilling Video

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MelonHeadz-bucket filler clipart

MelonHeadz: Mallori's bucket filler bundle

Color Guard Storytime by Amy Townley - have you stopped and filled a bucket today?? Great idea for teambuilding.

Color Guard Storytime

Carol McCloud's NEW Bucket-Filling Book!

The Corner On Character: Will You Fill My Bucket? Giveaway

Fill a Bucket

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Fill a bucket

How to fill someone's bucket...


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Have You Filled A Bucket? - Kindess

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Bucket Filling Brainstorming

The Mel D-Seusstastic shop on

Bucket Filling Lesson - I actually have shapes and buckets waiting in my office right now!

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3rd Grade's a Hoot

post on bucket fillers

educationjourney: Bucket Fillers

popcorn for the "bucket filler" idea.

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Bucket Filling

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Teaching Ideas for Bucket Filling and Kindness - printables

Bucket Filling for the Classroom - Lessons, Ideas, and Printables

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Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life

geared towards the older students - 3rd grade and up. It is a chapter book and written perfectly with wonderful illustrations for the reader to look at. This is not a long book - it's just right. Carol introduces new concepts to students *Group Bucket Filling *How To Avoid Dipping *Accidental Dipping *Thoughtless Dipping *Selective Dipping *Group Dipping *Dipping on Television *Long-Handled Dipping *Use Your Lid *Use Your Lid for Others *Advanced Bucket Fillers *When…

Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life: Carol McCloud, Penny Weber: 9781933916576: Books

Template for behavior. Relabel bucket filler/bucket dipper

The First Grade Parade: No David! I’m a Peacemaker!