Preschool activities about feelings. pre-k

Keep Calm and Teach On: Our Feelings

How does my brain work? What happens in my brain when Im learning? What stops my brain from learning? What can I do to develop a learning brain?

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Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game #InsideOutEmotions #Ad

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Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game - seven thirty three

This is a great activity for family sessions. It helps children recognize different emotion expressions on others' faces. All you need is a small dry erase board and some dry erase markers (coul...

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Art of Social Work

Emotion expression guessing game!

Understanding how your emotions effect your behaviors, both physically & mentally. How they become self fulfilling prophecies. Benefits of positive thinking. (CBT & DBT) Emotional guidance scale

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Our feelings are ENERGY

My Kick-Ass Office - The School Counseling Files

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My Kick-Ass Office

MASTER LIST of Facial Expressions for Writers! (Huge thank you to Author Bryn Donovan)

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MASTER LIST of Facial Expressions!

Older kids can choose and express their feelings!

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Teaching Emotions with Fun Fridge Magnets Parents & Kids Moods

Student's can customize, share and learn!

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Download a free printable emotions pretend play set, perfect for playdough fun or sensory bin play! This fun kids' activity is a great way for children to learn about emotions.

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Living Well Mom

Playdough Fun with Emotions + Free Printables

Emotion regulation dearman interpersonal effectiveness activity

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socialworkeroneday: heavymuffintop: ...

PBS Arthur #Feelings Game...the narrator reads the story and students have to decide how the characters feel. 5 different stories!

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Arthur . Games . About Face | PBS Kids

This is a great song and video to share with kids when teaching them about emotions. You can discuss what makes them feel sad and healthy coping strategies. You can also use it to talk about empathy and how you can help make someone feel better when they're down. I

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Exploring Emotions With LEGO Faces - 3rd -6th Grade Set Homeschool Encouragement

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Encouraging Moms at Home
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Feelings Wheel activity - have child color the feelings faces and then move to arrow to how they feel at the start of each session

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Art of Social Work

Feelings check-in wheel


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Download a FREE feelings chart from PreK-K: Learning School Rules |

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Scholastic Teachers

PreK-K: Learning School Rules |

Give client a copy of the emotion wheel. Have them write above each of the eight sections an emotion they have felt over the last few days, week, etc. Instruct client to come up with a color/picture to decorate each section of the wheel to match the emotion they listed. List of processing questions on link.

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Recreation Therapy Ideas: Emotion Wheel

Thumb Print Feelings Poster

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Blank faces to draw emotions

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Dabbles & Babbles
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showing emotions in writing

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Amanda Patterson
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Make a face! DIY toy with changing faces - Learning about Emotions

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Make a Face! - Mr Printables

Learning about Emotions with DIY toy with changing faces

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make a face. | Puj

Make a bag full of feelings words, have students draw one, then spin this spinner and do the resulting activity.

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E is for Explore!

Download this free printable of blank faces and kids can draw in different feeling faces.

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