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    Awesome Words, Funny Saying and Hilarious Pictures

    Awesome Words, Funny Saying and Hilarious Pictures

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    Pictures taken at just the right time

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    When this Snapchat was absolute peak mom.

    34 Of The Most Glorious Moments In Fail History

    Lol that's too funny!!

    funeral requests - Dump A Day

    What prank have you done for April Fools day?? or were you the victim? --- ¿Qué broma has gastado en el 1 de Abril Día de la Broma? ¿o has sido tu la víctima? #aprilfool #prank #april #fools

    Put a mirror on stairs

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    Funny thing, when I find an awesome board I tend to repin A LOT! So, if I seem like a stalker I'm sorry!

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    This cat who’s extremely offended by a strawberry.

    28 Cats Having A Way Worse Day Than You


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    I should not have laughed at this. But I did. A lot. (Anyone who wants me to babysit has been warned. J/K!)

    Chola Eyebrows…

    how i feel sometimes...

    Please make it a multiple choice…

    If you understand this reference, please be my friend.

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    People Are Like Slinkies

    People Are Like Slinkies

    This makes me laugh

    9GAG - Why So Serious?

    'cuse me! there appears to be some hair in my cookie, and it's trying to bite me.

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    Humor pics and Jokes .. Top 30 pics

    These animals were photographed trying things for the first time and their reactions are priceless.

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    This is hilarious.

    Unexpected selfie…


    Keep koalas away from water…


    I will never forget the look on that cop’s face…

    This is hilarious!!

    The freaking scariest thing you’ve seen…

    I tearfully reread these lines every day, seeking for the inspiration, the meaning he tried to leave me with as he died.

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    Grumpy Cat Hates You

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    That awkward moment...

    So embarrassing

    How to eat pumpkin pie.

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