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Facial expression condensed by careko on DeviantArt

HANDOUT: Illustrates how combining different sets of eyes to different sets of mouths creates individual facial expressions. Can be used as a reference tool.

flame wizard skill - Google Search

“Trying to do a quick fire loop every day for practice, will do more interesting things when I go on hiatus at the end of this week ” The effects wizard Matt

TOW-2: Lightning Tutorial by on @deviantART

Here's a quick tutorial on simple background textures for those of you who like to draw backgrounds. You can check out my other tutorials: VERTICAL TUTORIALS!

FAQ: How u model dem shapes? Hands-on mini-tuts for mechanical sub-d AKA ADD MORE GEO - Page 62 - Polycount Forum

confused how i would properly do this chamfered bracket like shape with not tris and cleaner topology.

Marcin Rutkowski

Since I didn’t add anything new in a while I have to start again and try to upload more frequently. Here’s an effect I’ve made some time ago.