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The #1 Concealed Carry Tank Top for Women. made in the USA by Undertech Undercover.  "Why Carry Your Gun? When You Can Wear It!"  CCW, Concealed Carry Holster, Concealed Carry Shirt, Concealed Carry Clothing

The World's best concealed carry compression tank. Fits you and your handgun like a second skin. Holsters on each side for left-hand carry and right-hand carry.

The Hankful House: Week 11- Command Center

I am on Week 11 and I am so excited to be almost fully completed! My organization challenge has really changed so many things in our home and the way we do things. This week’s challenge was our Command Center.

Wilson Combat 1911. guns, weapons, self defense, protection, protect, knifes, concealed, 2nd amendment, america, 'merica, firearms, caliber, ammo, shells, ammunition, bore, bullets, munitions #guns #weapons

For 105 years the 1911 has withstood the hands of time. It was used by the Military from 1911 to 1985 so it's proven combat effective. If you buy one with a forged slide that's been hand fitted, you will be very happy.

I like these speed loaders. Revolver with high speed loaders. Can't beat the ol'reliable