This pin shows the pun of a spoon being a cereal killer, as in you eat cereal with a spoon, thus your killing it. Humour like this tickles my funny bone and makes me truly happy because it is my favourite type of humour.

Stan Lee in Marvel films

Stan Lee in Marvel films. He has the right idea. If I made it this big doing superhero stuff I would want a cameo in all of the movies, too. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike. Incredible that this bike has been there for 98 years now!

The caption read "A boy went to away to war in 1914 and left his bike chained to this tree. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike." Thank you to the boy and his sacrifice which allowed the tree to grow.

Backstreet Boys vs One Direction

"So tell me again about how original one direction is. So, similar song titles, but completely different lyrics? Do they name their songs? Um, no. The song writer do. They didn't really write the songs for the first album.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks- The only man that can make you cry over a lost volleyball. Who would have guessed how far he'd come from Bossom Buddies?

R.I.P Sir Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

… Not a Spaceship to be sure But a legend Sir Christopher Lee

Marvin the Martian | 2Dea

LT - Marvin The Martian by on deviantART ; this is my favorite Martian of all time .

The White Rabbit

Tim Burton's 'Alice In Wonderland' - White Rabbit- -"Time is nothing. What you do with time is everything." ~ Anthony Douglas Williams ~ Inside the Divine Pattern

Sir Ian McKellen

The shirt originally said, "Some people are gay. Original pin: Get over it." They were made as part of a demonstration for gay rights in the UK. Sir Ian McKellen has been an outspoken advocate for gay rights.