Divergente... se um dia eu tivesse que escolher um desses escolheria um pouco de cada

its funny to me how the tattoo on Tobias' back the amity symbol is at the bottom, and he always had a hard time with amity.

true this

I reread the book. I didn't know it was possible to be impaled twice in one lifetime. Not to mention all of the other characters that died. But this is so true.

Well that's how Veronica said it was!!!

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ oh my gosh this is so true I thought it was just a tall chain link fence

#DivergentSeries #Insurgent

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need need need need. these are soo pretty. Four was such a beautiful book. and so were all of them

Another series of books I love are the dystopian sci-fi Divergent novels by author, Veronica Roth. Oh, and I absolutely love the book covers!

So tobias

Shailene Woodley // Miles Teller // Theo James // Ansel Elgort/ I would pick miles teller