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    my animal buddies

    my animal buddies

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    So adorable!

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    German Shepherd Puppy Training: The Ultimate Guide on German Shepherd Puppies: How To Raise Safe, Happy, Well Mannered German Shepherd Puppies, Includes Dog Games That German Shepherds Love and More by Phil Stackhouse. $3.82

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    'Just a Dog' poem - so beautiful. -Lola The Pitty-

    Black & White Sunday – ‘Just a Dog’

    Too cute!!

    Ace enjoying a lazy Sunday morning


    So flippin' true! Then if I ask her, "Did you do this", she shows me her teeth!!

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    14-You can't remember life anymore without your pooch. The days of coming home to an empty house are over. Now you’ve got a loving home with someone to greet you at the door and make you feel needed, responsible, loved, and cherished. Family is everything, and in this case, you’ve found it, waiting at the front door, tail wagging, and a sparkle in their eyes.

    14 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog (In a Good Way!)

    Very true.

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    Wonder if Walker would participate in this? So precious.

    Valentine's Day pet gifts

    Cute Puppy of German Shepherd- I will have another one- mark my words! haha

    Cute Puppy of German Shepherd - Annie Many

    Sleepy GSD :)

    What is the best dog breed for families?

    Doggie Dance sign

    Special Sale 4026218 Dog from The Collector's Addition

    She's so proud :)

    Makes My Day Better

    beautiful German Shepherd

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    Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 97 Pics

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 97 Pics
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    Dear Lord funny quotes cute animals quote pets lol funny quote funny quotes humor

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    Pekingese dog

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    The Rainbow Bridge Poem - pet memorial for pet loss of a pet death, cat or dog sympathy

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    German Shepherd Training - The Most Essential Techniques