Cowgirl tutu costume

I think this is the most adorable idea for a little girls western outfit! This one is actualy for a flower girl! Doodles next birthday theme!

clown carnival tutu costume...

clown carnival tutu costume& This was my daughter Jazze& Halloween costume, what made it great is that my daughter is 12 so we turned this into a costume for her and it looked great!

the fifteen-minute/fifteen-dollar arc reactor. Would be great for a boyfriend/husband who's "too cool" for halloween!

The 15-dollar, 15-minute Arc Reactor.

There are a bevy of good (some great), detailed, extensive Instructables showing you how to make a near-screen-accurate chest arc reactor for a Iron Man/Tony Stark costume.I appreciate and enjoy .

Buzz Lightyear - DIY Halloween Costume

Buzz Lightyear - Halloween Costume Contest at

Giraffe tutu costume

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Giraffe tutu costume- so someday when I have a little girl I'm so dressing her in this for Halloween!

DIY Power Rangers Costume - no sewing...just tape. Anyone can make this! It's perfect or Halloween or just play time!

DIY No-Sew Halloween Costume for Kids: Power Rangers Costume Tutorial. Includes both the blue Samurai Power Ranger and the pink Samurai Power Ranger.

Dalmatian Tutu Costume

My Creative Way: Halloween Tutu Dress Costumes- Maddyn says next year she wants to be a Dalmation for Halloween. I can see her liking something like this!

pirate girl tutu costume

Playful Pirate Tutu By Raychel Kennedy I bought a Pirate Halloween costume and turned it into a Pirate TUTU costume.

All it takes to become a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz, whether toddler or adult, is some felt, glue, a pair of wings and a T-shirt to use as a template. With this homemade costume, your little one (or big one) will be the talk of the yellow brick road this Halloween. DIY directions here:

How to Make a Flying Monkey Costume

A flying monkey costume inspired by the Wizard of Oz. You can make this costume to fit kids or adults by using a T-shirt as a template.