Interesting fence- reuse of corrugated steel and old tin ceiling tiles. Tile could replace the tin ceiling tiles.

Tiny birdhouses on the fence -

Whimsical white picket fence with many small birdhouses. ~ why yes, yes I would love a bunch of colorful birdhouses on my fence! So quaint and fun.love it.

birdhouse_fence - That's a bit cruel. There don't seem to be any actual houses. Surely one or two of them could be real.

Make birdhouses for Garden (20 Ideas

Cute DIY kids’ fence: This quirky faux-birdhouse fence is the perfect backdrop to a kids’ garden. Might make for a dog fence.

Classic combo: climbing clematis & rambling roses.

Climbing Combo

Beautiful pink climbing Rose and lavender Clematis blooming at the same time on a lattice support. ~ I already have an established white clematis climbing up the east side of our home. I'll now add a colorful climbing rose. Won't it be lovely!

all you need to know to grow bamboo in your backyard

thinking of using bamboo plants as a privacy fence in the backyard. Worried that the leaves will constantly fall into my neighbors yard. Anybody that has bamboo or has a neighbor that has bamboo care to share thoughts?

Make your own pyramid-shaped trellises: attractive décor items, elegant supports for climbing plants, and intriguing frames for topiary. http://www.homeplace.co.za/solutions/100007_building-a-pyramid-trellis.php

How to Build a Pyramid Trellis

DIY tutorial for pyramid trellis (ooo and paint red) Wonder if Jim could make this for me

How to make a rose trellis -- cheap and more attractive than a lot of the ones in stores.

Time to wrestle those rose bushes into submission! For this DIY Rose Trellis…

how to make a Garden Lattice Panels | How to build an elegant wall-attached trellis

How to build an elegant wall-attached trellis

Use these simple step-by-step directions to construct an elegant, wall-attached garden trellis.

Here is a great way to reuse an old bed spring! Bed springs are made out of metal and metal can be recycled! If you need help disposing of an old bed spring, check out WasteFreeSD.org

'Gathering dust and memories out of Georgia clay' is Red Dirt Memories motto, a motto which I have lived and continue others to cherish.