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I Speak Spanglish!

Meet me: half Puerto Rican, half Guatemalan born in the United States (Wash DC to be exact) married to a Peruvian (thereby some percentage also dedicated to Peru by default). This is about thoughts, images, and a celebration of Latin American culture within my own life and experiences. My views or interests may not reflect the same as of other young professional Hispanics who reside in the US. I relish having two cultural experiences - the best of many worlds & countries influenced here. Salud!
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Artist Beatriz

Favorite Spanish

Style S Ii

Jan 2012

Spanish Artist


Course Spain

(Jan 2012) OMG! My newly favorite Spanish Artist Beatriz Luengo - she's just hitting the states but she's already been hitting it big internationally & of course, Spain! She can sing, act and is just gorgeous. You have to hear some of her Pitbull and partnered songs...

Beatriz Luengo Home | The Official Beatriz Luengo Site

The Nosheryfrom The Noshery

Pastelillos de Carne (Puerto Rican Meat Turnovers)

Carne Empanadas

Empanadas Cake

Empanadas Foodie

Dough For Empanadas

Beef And Cheese Empanadas

Empanadas Can'T

Pies Recipes

Pr Style

Style Yum

Puerto rican food /Empanadas - makes my heart sing and my stomach, well, "happpyyy!"

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Desserts Flan

Desserts Heart

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Rican Desserts

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Nicaraguen Food

How to make Puerto Rican Flan, presented by The Hispanic Food Network. This is "FLAN!" not the flim flam "flan" outtadabox stuff; I was brought up on this by my dad. Disfruta!

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Plantain Beverage

Platano Hot

Hot Plantain

Guatemalen Food

Guate Food

Hispanic Foods

Hispanic Styles

Food Guatemala

Plantains Bananas

You know you are from a Central American country when you know what a Atol de Platano is. You will learn to crave this anytime and even drink cold! The darker the peel, the riper the plantain which now, you can find in your local mkt!

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Fox News Latinofrom Fox News Latino

Jennifer Lopez NO. 1 on Celebrity Forbes List

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer O'Neill

Celebrity 100

Speak Spanglish

Book Listen

Glad She'S

Rican Thang

100 List

Kindle Nook

"Pa' que tu veas!" (it's a Puerto Rican thang)...thank you, JLo --- I'm glad she's made it this far. I would like the same for many Latinos working their way up.

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Fox News Latinofrom Fox News Latino

Mexico's 49 Headless Bodies is Third Massacre in 10 Days in 'Triangle of Death'


Pinterest Post

Horrible Mistakes


To Ship


It S Time



All for las drogas...not a type of Pinterest post I'd put but I think it's time the US takes a stand in Mexico's ignoring the drug massacres; we're allowing these cartels to ship their drugs across our borders.

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Fox News Latinofrom Fox News Latino

Minorities Surpass Whites in US Births, But Latino Boom May Be Over

Future America

News Worth


News Articles

The Future


Worth Reading

Immigration Laws


I suppose that "excess" Latinos will be the excuse for more deportations instead of just pinning down some Immigration laws and sticking by them. Guess folk will be "spickin'" ESPANEESH soon.

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Sexy Sofia

Sofia Vergera

Gorgeous Sofia

Sofia Loren

Hello Gorgeous

My Favorite Celebrities

Beautiful Celebrities

Beautiful Actresses

Alluring Actresses

Sofia Vergara --- so happy this talented Bilingual star is on Mainstream TV - this is what America is made of. PS...America, or the Americas means South, Central & North America. Sofia started on Spanish-language and now Mainstream English programming has discovered this beauty, talent and humor all in one.

Sofía Vergara sera Nominada en los Premios SAG

Eye Opening Eva

Smoking Promotion

Smoldering Smoke

Everything Eva

Lil Smoke

Eva Mendes ️

Eva Mendes Smoking

Celebs Eva


Eva Mendes --- She is not only a starlet, underrated. She should be in more films but I admire her! She is stunning.

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Play Equally

Equally Well

Poster Filmofilia

Ferrell S Casa

Faces Of Death

Will Ferrell

Secret Code

Tv Y Film

Latino Moviegoers

“Casa de Mi Padre” is a $6-million Spanish-language parody that its makers hope will play equally well to Ferrell's fans and Latino moviegoers. Saw Will Ferrell's interview on this - we'll see how the parody goes.

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Bilingualism Benefits

Bilingualism Nytimes

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Multiple Languages

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Native Languages

Bilingual Mind

Bilingual Education

Bilingual Children


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Art Paper

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It'S Paper

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Paper Collages

#papercutouts ---Elsa Mora Paper Art. Cuban born artist Elsa Mora. She is a multimedia artist, illustrator, designer; her talents are endless. Somehow I feel an affinity to her work. She is inspired by Friday Kahlo - Mexican - and I love that. However, her talents are others and they are so delicate and intricate, WOW!

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Speak Spanglish




Need To

To Be




Colombian made boots. Wow, these need to be imported. Someone teach me how to import 'cause these are hot. On sale here on

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Rice Pigeon

Green Pigeon

Pigeon Peas

Food Arroz

Puertoriquen Food

Island Pr

Puerto Rico

Harbour Island

Rico Food

Sample of some traditional Puerto Rican MMM MMM good - arroz con gandules (rice & pigeon peas), morcilla (blood sausage), vianda (array of vegetables like plaintain, yucca) and Lechon (roasted pig). I crave these since my Papi taught me all that I know cooking Puerto Rican food. I miss him & miss these traditions.

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Full Puerto

Puerto Rico S

Puerto Rican

Rico Nom

Rico La

Travel Delicious

Delicious Food

Food Beautiful

Beautiful People

Puerto Rico's hillsides and windy roads are filled of them - lechoneras. This roadside pig roasts offer a full Puerto Rican menu plus music & merriment. I remember my family used to have lechoneras and when I visited I would watch the pig roast in awe. I still love the crackling pig skin and the juicy interior meat, like no other! Going to Puerto Rico just for this purpose is reason enough FOR ME.

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Famous Peruvian

Peruvian Chefs

Peruvian Eats

Peruvian People

Peruvian Road

Peruvian Stuff

Greatest Chefs

Famous Chefs

Respons Peruvian

Chef Gaston Acurio, the most famous Peruvian Chef #GastonAcurio. If anyone knows Peruvian cuisine, it is the world's growing gastronomy at a level of unequivocal intricacy and flavors. I love Peruvian cuisine and by marriage default, adore cooking it. This man is bringing Peruvian cuisine to the forefront.

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The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

Tax Night Supper: The Spanglish Sandwich with Avocado

Breakfast Sandwiches

Sandwiches Wraps

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Sandwich It'S

Fried Egg Sandwiches

Perfect Sandwich

Egg Sandwich Recipe

Egg Sandwhiches

Bacon Lettuce And Tomato Sandwich

Go figure! I search Spanglish on Pinterest to find others posting similar things like the Spanglish person I am- this is what I find...the sandwich off the Adam Sandler movie Spanglish. Not even Spanglish & did not represent me neither does the sandwich. You want a Spanglish sandwich? Eat a huevo frito & bistek! Eso! Or eat some Jamon & huevo but bacon?!!! Cmon ppl! Come on Spanglish pin boards. In the meantime, I'm the first...bienvenido!

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Leguizamo Google

Leguizamo S

Leguizamo Wikipedia

Favorite Memorable Actors

Latino Stereotypes

York Queens

Watch Main

Interesting Movies

Favorite Entertainment

Sabias? Did you know John Leguizamo kicked off a new channel? Finally! Some US Spangliards know what us bicultural Latinos want...I'm curious to see what the channel offers and not sure if the shows are my type but Univision and Telemundo don't cut it for me. I'm past novelas and sometimes I'd like to watch main streamTV w/out Latino stereotypes. We need to start putting some mentors on for this next generation!

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