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12 Deceptive Words Food Manufacturers Are Using to Trick You

Deep down, we know it’s bunk, but these messages and buzzwords are created with psychology in mind. They’re made to trick us, even when we know better, even when we’re becoming more informed about our food supply and what we put into our bodies. Today I’m going to pull the curtain back on some of these terms of trickery, these clever ways they’re attempting to deceive us. Perhaps you’ve fallen for some of them. I know I have. They’re good, these marketing departments. They know their stuff.


Cool Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids

Have fun in the kitchen with these cool kitchen science experiments for kids. Think magic milk, walking water, oobleck, food science, and more! [ad]


Digestive System - Interactive Notebook - Set of 16 Foldable Activities

16 DIGESTIVE SYSTEM FOLDABLES! Print in color or black and white (for coloring) and allow your students to have fun while they learn. Folables cover: structures, functions, secretions, mechanical vs chemical digestion and nutrients.

FREEBIE: "I am thankful for..." {from Melonheadz} Sally, the artist is my friend who also drew the special birthday Emmy on the zebra! :) These would be cute to print out for the kids on Turkey day.