Florian Nicolle is a French graphic designer who has produced a collection of beautiful mixed media illustrations: a combination of dripped paint, newspaper overlays, line drawings and washes of tone.


this picture is very surreal to me because theres butterflies coming out of this persons head. i feel like the light at the top of the head is like they have an idea -ZoeHarris


Audrey Hepburn wall mural by Ben Slow - Lost At E Minor: For creative people


- artist Jennifer sanchez, this is my favorite painting of her's and I wish I had purchased when it was available :(


Cool mixed Media Illustrations by Minjae Lee. Minjae is an illustrator and a painter living in South Korea. Inspired by human faces, Minjae created vivid colorful Mixed Media Illustrations. View the… Continue Reading →

Covered by Kanoe-v2.

more from cropped most of the body on this one xD but had to redesign the outfit.

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"Reservoir God" - Teo Zirnis

Reservoir God Art Print

Oreo animation

Kelly Cheatle and Larry Moss are always up to something new and awesome, but this Oreogami Oreo animation video definitely takes the cake…er, cookie!

Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters

Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters by Christian Jackson - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Humorous Travel Posters for Lazy People

Too lazy, busy, or strapped for cash to take a vacation? Caldwell Turner of College Humor has you covered with a series of travel posters that encourage you to venture no further than the kitchen. Full collection at College Humor. Go on a real vacay.

Kazuma Kanekos Art Is Summoning Devils Into Your Eyeballs

Kazuma Kaneko's Art Is Summoning Devils Into Your Eyeballs

Kazuma Kaneko's Art Is Summoning Devils Into Your Eyeballs